Worker Bee Oil
Worker Bee Oil
Worker Bee Oil

Worker Bee Oil

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Revive your skin and your mind with our custom blended Worker Bee Oil. We created this divine and essential product for hard working bodies. It is a rejuvenating body oil that relieves dry, irritated and overworked skin and clears overly tired minds. It also helps relieve pain in sore muscles.

Super skin healing sunflower oil (vitamin e) is carefully blended with wild mint, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to awaken the senses, clear the sinuses and promote wellness . (see benefits and uses below)
This is the perfect gift for yourself and those you know deserve it!

Sunflower Oil - HEALING

  • Non-comedegenic
  • Contains Vitamin E - Antioxidant, healing. Protects skinfrom free radicals, aging and wrinkling.
  • Oleic Acid - Benefit in healing wounds. (Do not apply thisproduct to an open wound)
  • Sesamol - Compound of sesame oil
  • Linoleic Acid - Protects the skin from bacteria and germs!


  • Energizing
  • Relieves pain, especially in muscles and headaches.

Peppermint Extract - REFRESHING

  • Refreshing
  • Pain reducing
  • Kills germs
  • Relieves itching
  • Reduces muscle spasms and pain

Eucalyptus - STIMULATING!

  • Clears the sinuses
  • Disinfectant
  • Bugs hate it!
  • Antimicrobial